A little about us

Creative Designer – Dressmaker Mrs Rasa Miseike and her team, would have a great pleasure to advice, to measure and make clothes that you will love to wear and make you feel special.

Our small family business was looking after women dressing style since 1998. Our highly qualified fashion designers – dressmakers were making only unique, high quality clothes. Because a client was always involved in the clothes creation process – the result was always stunning and made clothes were always looking stunning and was huge pleasure to where.

We are making all variety of women clothes – dresses, trousers, tops, skirts, business suits, coats –from our own or client brought fabric.

We can make clothes from pictures from the magazines, photos, or replicating the one you have.

We are using high quality fabrics – silk, wool, cotton, polyester others. We have taken a part in various competitions and fashion shows in Lithuania and have released 6 collections for all seasons. We are happy to see that our wonderful clothes are worn by women in Germany, Russia, Switzerland and UK. Your turn to join happy and always stylish women team!

Step by step throughout the process - Design & Sew

Step 1 - You will speak to one of our highly qualified design makers where you will tell us what dress you need and you will provide us with all details needed to create the right design for you.
Step 2 - We will present you with your first ersonalised design.
Step 3 - You and your personal designemaker will confirm what material and techniques will be used and you will be given a quote
Step 4 - Once the deal is closed all plans and measurments will go directly to Mrs Rasa and she will create your dress. Nearly 30 years of experience will guarntee high quality work.
Step 5 - You may or may not be called to come and try nearly ready dress, just to finalise the details, to make sure it will fit perfectly.
Step 6 - Final alteration is done and you can collect your hand created, unique dress.

We guarantee that all dresses will be created no latest then 5 working days from the first point of contact.


We alter - Jeans, trousers, suit and jacket, coat, skirt, dress, shirt, blouse, leather. Please allow 24 hours for all alterations. After special agreetment some alterations can be done within immediately.

Pricelist - Please see full pricelist of all alterations, >>> Click here <<<